Dixie Giants LIVE this Saturday January 17 @ 2PM

Jan 16, 2015

"I thought ‘soft opening’ was like ‘warm valley’ "


32 years ago this weekend, with very little fanfare, we opened our doors to the public.
On Saturday morning, January 15, 1983 our run as "The Last Record Store" began!
Luckily, Hoyt had the good sense to name the store after a Little Feat album; I was leaning toward naming the shop after Frank Zappa’s record, "Uncle Meat". Phew! I would have been explaining that one forever.
What would our mascot have been??

It is our extreme privilege to be Santa Rosa’s record store. Music is the greatest!

Join us for some LIVE music on Saturday January 17 around 2pm as we host The Dixie Giants.
The will be celebrating the release of their new CD, Live at The Sumpin’ Lodge.


The Dixie Giants

Got so weary of bein’ nothin’,
Felt so dreary just doin’ nothin’
Didn’t care ever gettin’ nothin’, felt so low
Now my eyes on the far horizon can see a glow
Announcin’ things ain’t what they used to be.

No use bein’ a doubtin’ Thomas,
No ignorin’ that rosy promise;
Now I know there’s a happy story yet to come.
It’s the dawn of a day of glory: millennium
I tell you things ain’t what they used to be.
~ Warm Valley by Duke Ellington

See you on the Avenue!


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