We Celebrate 33+1/3 Years in Business

Thirty-Three-and-a-Third Years ago, we opened our modest shop in Downtown Santa Rosa.

We spent the first 20 years around the corner from Anarchy Alley, across from the Library, and sandwiched between Sawyers News and Stanroy Music.
We sold LP’s and cassettes, as CD’s were not a thing yet. We ordered records over the phone until I realized I could walk to the copy shop and “fax” them in.
We had competition in Sonoma County: multiple Wherehouse stores, a Record Factory, Rainbow Records among the chains.
Backdoor, Music Coop, and Pres among the independents.
MTV was a huge thing (they played music videos) and helped sell records like these:
unnamed unnamed unnamed-1  oh, 1983….
CD’s squeezed the cassettes out, and vinyl records sold so poorly, that we opened a 2nd store across the street at 802 4th St.
That location was like putting vinyl in hospice care, giving them some dignity until they died.
In 2003, we were unceremoniously kicked out of downtown, but had the good fortune to hook up with Santa Rosa Community Market who subleases the current space to us.
Business was shitty at first. Downloading was hurting us, and those rat-bastard, fuck-heads* at Best Buys were selling CD’s below cost.
In 2007, a miracle happened: Vinyl records started selling again! They have increased (by a lot!) every year since then. CD sales are up too.
It’s like people decided owning music that you can hold in your hand was cool again.
So, as we look back at 331/3 years of selling music, we have to thank all of our friends and family that have worked here over the years.
A special shout-out to our customers: Being around people everyday that love music as much as you do, is a rare privilege.
2028 is just a few years away; let’s hope for 45!
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