Community Market saved The Last Record Store.

Now let’s pitch in to save them…

Back in 2003, LRS was unceremoniously kicked out of our 20 year home in Downtown Santa Rosa. It was a precarious time in the record biz. Vinyl was on the way out, Best Buys was selling CDs below cost, and folks were enamored with free music downloads from Napster and their ilk. So after spending 20 years building a business, we found ourselves kicked to the curb, so to speak. Not sure which way to turn, I got a phone call from Amber at Community Market. “We would be honored to have you share our building at 1899 Mendocino Ave.” I had no Plan B, so this was about the greatest news for the record store.
Fast forward to now, and thanks to our loyal customers, the resurgence of vinyl, and to Community Market, we are thriving once again!
Please consider making a contribution to their recovery fund. Let them know that you appreciate the fact that they bailed out LRS.
Here is a link to their GOFUNDME page: CLICK
Even 5 or 10 bucks would help. They have 70 employees, many are not working because of the flood in The Barlow.
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