LRS Update

Hey everyone.
Record Stores are not on the “essential business” list.
We closed up our shop on Tuesday March 17 to follow the stay at home order.

After about a week of doing nothing much, we decided to ramp up our mail order business !
Our main concern is everyone’s health, so currently only 4 of us work at the store, and only one of us at a time.
We are hand-washin’, surface wipin’, glove wearin’ fools.
I have new respect for folks that wear gloves at work.
It certainly keeps you from touching your face!

Here I am practicing safe record handling at my gig at KRCB-FM:

Fortunately, NPR stations, along with many other media outlets, are considered an “essential business”.
So, Grandpa Doug is still a DJ…

We have an online store through DISCOGS
We use Discogs to offer some pretty obscure records to the world.
It’s certainly worth a look-see.
Currently, we have over 4000 listings on Discogs.

We also have a Seller’s Store on AMAZON.COM
Over 5000 listings, mostly CDs, some good deals for sure.

You can contact us with questions about our online shops, or any requests through the electronic mail at
We can get orders out to you fairly fast: USPS First Class for CDs, and Media Mail for LPs.
We are using the glove wearing, sanitized protocol when handling orders.
We are also going to catch up on New Releases, so if you want something, give us a try.

Finally, we would like to offer our LRS Gift Certificates.
We can mail these out, or hold on file at the store. You pick.

Buy a Gift Certificate yes
When we eventually open up the store for business, we will have a whopping store-wide sale!

Thanks for your support over the years.
Stay healthy. Social distance. Wash your hands.
See you soon,
Doug, Hoyt, Ethan, Gerry, Cassie and Estefany
Your Last Record Store

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