Needle Droppings


We at the Last Record Store are very fortunate that Steve Jaxon is such a big music fan.
As #1 AM Radio talk-jock at KSRO1350, Steve has interviewed authors, actors, politicians, criminals, criminal-politicians; newsmakers. He is very supportive of the local music scene, and has bands and solo acts come in all the time to pimp their gigs & recordings on his program called The Drive.
A few months ago, Steve and I were in a meeting (ahem– at the bar) and I pitched him an idea for a segment on The Drive:
I would bring a hand-picked selection each week’s new releases to KSRO, Steve and I would yak a liitle, play some soundclips, and basically remind people that recorded music is still relevant, and that music plays a huge role in many people’s lives. Of course, we would remind people where they could purchase said new releases: at The Last Record Store of course!
We call the segment Needle Droppings. We do it  around 4:20pm every Friday on KSRO.
It’s a snappy little segment; 15-20 minutes or so. In that length of time, we don’t do much critical analysis, but we have a blast. I love it when Steve says to producer Mike Dewald, “Mike, drop the needle!”. And then, THAT SOUND.
Ahhh; the needle hitting the vinyl .
Is there any sound sweeter?
Steve Jaxon at LRS
Steve Jaxon at LRS
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